R.I.P. Trailer and clear up 12th April

The observant among you will notice from the picture that the bottom right part of the trailer has decided to succumb to gravity more than the left side. Now those of you with a degree in trailerastro physics might be able to explain this with the use of sub atomic particles and string theory but my conclusion is that its just plain knackered. There may be a small service to mark its passing.

Its final journey will probably be the 200 metres to Holroyd Park where we need to clear up the section from just beyond the CVGW arch.  Park on Bradbury Street just off Myrtle Rd in Ravensthorpe.  The far end nearer to Church Lane will probably need a snatch squad as we have some fly tipped materials and as this is nearer Mirfield I can only sanction a small group who must have good manners and be able to drink soup without slurping or house prices in the area will plummet.  I said it would be  a small group.

We have been offered a new trailer but not sure how the transfer of tools etc will take place.

Many thanks to those Sustrans volunteers who undertook the survey last week and retired to write up your notes in Leggers.


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