Collaboration on July 26th

Sorry for the tardiness of reporting and announcing on this blog IMG_20160726_093639453recently which you can put down to pure laziness or those of you of a more sympathetic nature might pity my holiday schedule and house move.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to clear the section of route NCN66 between Bog Green Lane and Paul Lane we call the Plantation.  It had become overgrown as have a number of sections of the various greenways we try to look after.

On this occasion we were joined by Bob Comer from Kirklees Streetscene equipped with a strimmer that actually worked unlike the one that we inherited. A combination of scythes, strimmer and secateurs had the section under control and although I have taken some photos they don’t really do justice to how much better it now looks. IMG_20160726_110416040

Next clear up we will return to the sunny banks of the Calder to continue the removal of Himalayan Balsam and the ferns that are encroaching the track.  Only strong swimmers need apply but my risk assessment will include a throw line for those who become over enthusiastic.

We will meet at 9:30 on Back Ravenswharf Rd which is opposite the Ravenswharf pub off the A642 just the other side of the green Sustrans bridge.  This is where the track alongside the river begins. Weather permitting of course.


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