Clear upTuesday 23rd August

Hello everyone.  Well, now you’ve had your fill of Olympic action (or will have by next Tuesday) why not enter for the Sustrans blue ribbon event.  There are any number of places where vegetation has encroached but the track is down to almost a third it’s width at the end of Woodend Lane (NCN66) past Lower Hopton school and just beyond the football field.  Prizes will be limited to Gold (a firm handshake) Silver (a hearty slap on the back) and Bronze (a shrug of the shoulders indicating you really didn’t train or try hard enough)

We meet 9:30 at the end of the track where you can park or lock your bike up. It isn’t as safe as Rio de Janeiro you know and take materials out of saddle bags as Mike Wilson had his bags pilfered on the river bank last time.
Weather is looking OK at the moment but the usual caveat applies.

Tchim-tchim as we say on Copacabana Beach


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