What if you spent thousands on a 20 mile greenway but no one could find it.


After heaving myself over some of the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca this September I left my fellow grimpeurs and travelled East to Cala Millor hoping for a little less ascent and descent.  I was just beginning to despair as the roads by the coast were busy and rather dull but when I turned inland towards Manacor I noticed the unmistakable signs of man made levelling. A short ride up a ramp and I was on the Arta to Manacor Greenway or via verde. A disused railway that last saw a train in 1977. It was grit but not a problem for a road bike as it was dry. As you can see from the pictures it had thousands of trees planted some expensively renovated stations and lots of signposting but non (that I could find) that directed you to it. Hire bikes are available in Arta and manacor but after riding it I rarely saw another cyclists.  You won’t find it on a cycling map of Mallorca but a word of warning about Son Servera which is about half way along. The grit gives way to a tarmac red cycle track which takes you up into the town and leaves cyclists like me lost. The greenway (via verde) goes below the town but the signposting to help you do that doesn’t exist. Much easier to find if you come from Arta which is what I had to do to get back on.


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