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When wetland overflows

For a couple of weeks we have cycled over a section of the Greenway through an ever expanding puddle which eventually covered the whole width of the Spen Greenway. Freezing temperatures meant an even greater hazard. John Waterman dealt with it last year and was willing to have another go this Sunday a.m. It took us a couple of hours to encourage a gulley to drain water away and build a bit of a barrier to keep it off the greenway. Most of the water was pouring down from the farm above and the noise of a waterfall might be pleasant but it is clearly causing problems.  It is now “mostly gone and a couple of brighter warmer days might see the end to it.



Eight go mad in Mirfield (caution contains bare knees)

Helm Lane to Woodend Road was almost totally free of litter thanks to our representative Hillary.  However the summer growth of vegetation had narrowed the track down to a single line.  Now we have got our trailer back (with refurbished signage) we could use all the tools at our disposal and after three sweaty hours we had cleared the track so all could make good use of it and even had time for a group picture.  #

Party time at the green bridge

We seem to be clearing the ramp from the A644 up to the green bridge on the Spen Valley Greenway / Calderdale Greenway quite a lot at the moment.  I don’t know what the attraction is for that section but we collected a number of bottles and cans on Tuesday 13th June.

Thanks to the seven of us who could get out we soon moved on towards the junction near Burgh Mill Lane and collected a good dozen bags of litter.

Huddersfield and High water

Trying to tackle one of the worst cases of fly tipped material since we started doing this work nearly ten years ago was nigh on impossible but we prepared about 70 bags of material ready for collection. We were helped that  morning by councillors Sheikh Ullah and Mohan Sokhal who had arranged for a swift collection from Kirklees Streetscene after las years debacle.  Interestingly Kirklees are also looking for the perpetrators of much of this material so watch this space

Plantation clear up

Despite the cancellation the weather turned round and made it possible to clear up the leaves on the plantation section between Bog Green Lane and Paul Lane.

Initially we thought we had been cheated of our prize as the first few metres had clearly been machine swept by Kirklees but a full load of leaves and a return to base left the most dangerous sections for the four of us to complete. The very wet weather the day before really helped as we could remove wet leaves more easily.

Sorry about cancelling early but it gave people time to do other activities.

What if you spent thousands on a 20 mile greenway but no one could find it.


After heaving myself over some of the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca this September I left my fellow grimpeurs and travelled East to Cala Millor hoping for a little less ascent and descent.  I was just beginning to despair as the roads by the coast were busy and rather dull but when I turned inland towards Manacor I noticed the unmistakable signs of man made levelling. A short ride up a ramp and I was on the Arta to Manacor Greenway or via verde. A disused railway that last saw a train in 1977. It was grit but not a problem for a road bike as it was dry. As you can see from the pictures it had thousands of trees planted some expensively renovated stations and lots of signposting but non (that I could find) that directed you to it. Hire bikes are available in Arta and manacor but after riding it I rarely saw another cyclists.  You won’t find it on a cycling map of Mallorca but a word of warning about Son Servera which is about half way along. The grit gives way to a tarmac red cycle track which takes you up into the town and leaves cyclists like me lost. The greenway (via verde) goes below the town but the signposting to help you do that doesn’t exist. Much easier to find if you come from Arta which is what I had to do to get back on.

Clean up Sackville Street – Park Road

Collected a more than healthy pile of fly tipped material. This has been dumped over the last year as it was spotless when we did the same section last October.  There was a time when this section could be done by one volunteer but sadly not any longer.

Next clean up will be the second Tuesday of October as many of us are taking a break by cycling in foreign parts. Likely it will be the section from Holroyd Park to Church Lane. Mostly vegetation.

Woodend Road clear up

Those of us who ride this section regularly know how narrow and dangerous it had become. Just a simple matter of trimming back a few plants I hear you say but it took eight of us all morning and no one did any litter picking just hacking and trimming,  The results were great so thank you to everyone who took part.

Clear upTuesday 23rd August

Hello everyone.  Well, now you’ve had your fill of Olympic action (or will have by next Tuesday) why not enter for the Sustrans blue ribbon event.  There are any number of places where vegetation has encroached but the track is down to almost a third it’s width at the end of Woodend Lane (NCN66) past Lower Hopton school and just beyond the football field.  Prizes will be limited to Gold (a firm handshake) Silver (a hearty slap on the back) and Bronze (a shrug of the shoulders indicating you really didn’t train or try hard enough)

We meet 9:30 at the end of the track where you can park or lock your bike up. It isn’t as safe as Rio de Janeiro you know and take materials out of saddle bags as Mike Wilson had his bags pilfered on the river bank last time.
Weather is looking OK at the moment but the usual caveat applies.

Tchim-tchim as we say on Copacabana Beach


Collaboration on July 26th

Sorry for the tardiness of reporting and announcing on this blog IMG_20160726_093639453recently which you can put down to pure laziness or those of you of a more sympathetic nature might pity my holiday schedule and house move.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to clear the section of route NCN66 between Bog Green Lane and Paul Lane we call the Plantation.  It had become overgrown as have a number of sections of the various greenways we try to look after.

On this occasion we were joined by Bob Comer from Kirklees Streetscene equipped with a strimmer that actually worked unlike the one that we inherited. A combination of scythes, strimmer and secateurs had the section under control and although I have taken some photos they don’t really do justice to how much better it now looks. IMG_20160726_110416040

Next clear up we will return to the sunny banks of the Calder to continue the removal of Himalayan Balsam and the ferns that are encroaching the track.  Only strong swimmers need apply but my risk assessment will include a throw line for those who become over enthusiastic.

We will meet at 9:30 on Back Ravenswharf Rd which is opposite the Ravenswharf pub off the A642 just the other side of the green Sustrans bridge.  This is where the track alongside the river begins. Weather permitting of course.