Clear upTuesday 23rd August

Hello everyone.  Well, now you’ve had your fill of Olympic action (or will have by next Tuesday) why not enter for the Sustrans blue ribbon event.  There are any number of places where vegetation has encroached but the track is down to almost a third it’s width at the end of Woodend Lane (NCN66) past Lower Hopton school and just beyond the football field.  Prizes will be limited to Gold (a firm handshake) Silver (a hearty slap on the back) and Bronze (a shrug of the shoulders indicating you really didn’t train or try hard enough)

We meet 9:30 at the end of the track where you can park or lock your bike up. It isn’t as safe as Rio de Janeiro you know and take materials out of saddle bags as Mike Wilson had his bags pilfered on the river bank last time.
Weather is looking OK at the moment but the usual caveat applies.

Tchim-tchim as we say on Copacabana Beach


Collaboration on July 26th

Sorry for the tardiness of reporting and announcing on this blog IMG_20160726_093639453recently which you can put down to pure laziness or those of you of a more sympathetic nature might pity my holiday schedule and house move.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to clear the section of route NCN66 between Bog Green Lane and Paul Lane we call the Plantation.  It had become overgrown as have a number of sections of the various greenways we try to look after.

On this occasion we were joined by Bob Comer from Kirklees Streetscene equipped with a strimmer that actually worked unlike the one that we inherited. A combination of scythes, strimmer and secateurs had the section under control and although I have taken some photos they don’t really do justice to how much better it now looks. IMG_20160726_110416040

Next clear up we will return to the sunny banks of the Calder to continue the removal of Himalayan Balsam and the ferns that are encroaching the track.  Only strong swimmers need apply but my risk assessment will include a throw line for those who become over enthusiastic.

We will meet at 9:30 on Back Ravenswharf Rd which is opposite the Ravenswharf pub off the A642 just the other side of the green Sustrans bridge.  This is where the track alongside the river begins. Weather permitting of course.

R.I.P. Trailer and clear up 12th April

The observant among you will notice from the picture that the bottom right part of the trailer has decided to succumb to gravity more than the left side. Now those of you with a degree in trailerastro physics might be able to explain this with the use of sub atomic particles and string theory but my conclusion is that its just plain knackered. There may be a small service to mark its passing.

Its final journey will probably be the 200 metres to Holroyd Park where we need to clear up the section from just beyond the CVGW arch.  Park on Bradbury Street just off Myrtle Rd in Ravensthorpe.  The far end nearer to Church Lane will probably need a snatch squad as we have some fly tipped materials and as this is nearer Mirfield I can only sanction a small group who must have good manners and be able to drink soup without slurping or house prices in the area will plummet.  I said it would be  a small group.

We have been offered a new trailer but not sure how the transfer of tools etc will take place.

Many thanks to those Sustrans volunteers who undertook the survey last week and retired to write up your notes in Leggers.

Clean up Tuesday 22nd March

springIt must be getting close to spring as the greenways have begun to blossom with rubbish. We have outbreaks all over the Calder Valley, Spen Valley and Earlsheaton greenways. Having had a moving (in the cycling sense) look at the Earlsheaton section it looks like we need to start with that first. The section from Leggers through the tunnel is bad. Where did it all come from so quickly?
I have also had a request from Rob the Spen Greenway warden which will probably take place in three weeks time.
Meet at Leggers and walk up on to the greenway from the canal. I will get the trailer to the Dewsbury junction where the new sign is. As Steve Scott has the litter pickers I’m sure he will bring them along.  This is of course weather permitting.

Work on Spen Valley Greenway

I have got this news info from Dave Stephens and it’s good to have it in advance.

The site team is going to be on Spen Valley Greenway week beginning 14 March to repair / replace the drain at the Walkley Lane access point, which has caused flooding of the path during periods of rain for some time.
The team will be on site with a small excavator for an expected 2-3 day period.
They will mostly be excavating alongside the path to lay a new pipe to carry the water to the outlet about 70m along, but will have to trench across the path at some point.
Sustrans is not intending to officially closing the path as there should be sufficient verge for people to get around, or users could potentially be diverted through/over the steel arcs alongside the path – the Art in the Travelling Landscape feature “Lines of Desire”.

Good luck riding over the Lines of Desire -ooh er!

Ringway clean up 8/3/2016

Although I wasn’t present I have it on good authority and the pictures confirm that the good people of Heckmondwike have benefited from having the litter dumped on the Ringway cleaned away. Sadly this section with some magnificent railway architecture is prone to having material dropped from the bridges on toIMG_4679 it.IMG_4674IMG_4675

We’re so damn gully. 23rd February 2016

Urban Dictionary

Something from the streets, gutter, and/or gangsta. Same as sayin ‘Hood'(“I’m so hood”) or “Street” (“I’m so street”). I’m so damn gully. by Seoul April 30, 2003.

We had a really good turnout today and cleaned up the track side from Sackville Street to Park Road and up on to the Greenway so quickly we were left with enough time to tackle the gully on the other side of the trees that has been used by football supporters and fly tippers as a convenient dumping ground.  Although not specifically our task we tackled it with gusto (other cleaners are available) and can rest easy tonight with a warm glow of satisfaction.IMG_4641

Clear up 9th Feb

090216aWow what a turnout for a winter’s Tuesday.  I was worried we might not have enough cups for our mid-morning brew.  We found a mixture of dumped materials and the usual detritus that people like to decorate the greenway with. Along with that the bloodhounds of Sustrans sniffed out a stolen till tray and Hungarian passport which I duly turned in to the constabulary who thanked us as this had been the remnants of a burglary over a year ago. I say we look for Lord Lucan next.  I am hoping that on Tues 23rd February we can clear up the end of Sackville Street where it crosses Park Road as it’s in its usual sorry state.

Route 66 completed

IMG_20160205_104219258It has taken some time considering that motorists have been going over the bridge since before Christmas but the section from Bog Green Lane over the viaduct to the Bradley Birkby Greenway is now completed.  The entrance to and exit from the bridge is considerably reduced but unless you were considering riding on someones shoulders I suspect there will be no problem though horse riders may have a different opinion.  The track is cleared although a thin layer of mud will make for caution especially if you approach from down the slope.